Edward Lang – How it began

Edward Lang was born on 19 October 1987. He grew in a single household, together with his motherand siblings in Baltimore, Maryland. The area where Edward grew up was certainly not a place for a young man. Driven by drugs, crime and gangs, he learned to sell drugs at the age of ten,  to provide care for his mother and siblings. Edward grew up without a father and so he soon sought after a role model and aparently found it in the youngsters of his area. Edward learned how to steal and sell drugs. For him it was nothing bad, quite the opposite, for him it was the daily bread for his family. Edward knew nothing else. The area he was growing up was also overshadowed by unemployment and so everyone had to watch look after their own.

Edwards mother tried to provide Food, clothes and shelter for the family, but as a single parent, it was very very difficult. For Edward,  it was very hard to see how the family was struggling. So he was involved with a gang by the age of 12 years. At the age of 11, Edward was arrested for the first time. When he was 15, he spent 11 months in a juvenile detention center.
Edward was an angry child, bitter, but also very anxious and confused.
The reason for this was, among other things, the disturbed relationship with his mother, who decided to throw Edward out of the house, because she could no longer cope with him. He did not follow any rules and listened to no one. Edward’s mother lost custody for him, when he was about 14 years old. This meant that the relationship between them grew far apart.  Edward always thought his mother did not care, what happens to him, he thought she wouln’t love him anymore. But that was not the reason. The reason was that Edward and his family were in danger because of Edward’s gang related actions and crimes his crime. His mother did not want to let anything happen to her other children.

12088169_153705318309412_7190928635753773074_n Edward at the Age of 17, and his new Born Baby Daughter

At the age of 17, Edward became a father for the first time. His thoughts were all about his little daughter. Now everything should get better! Edward was motivated. It looked like he’d get his life back on track and change everything, so he started looking for work. But he found none.
Frustrated, he gave up and looked for a way to care for his little daughter and her mother. He quickly fell into the old life again and so he began to rob People and sell drugs again.
Shortly after his 18th birthday, he was once again arrested and was imprisoned for 7 more months.

When he was released from prison, he tried again to find a job. Again he found none. So he did what he’d learned since early childhood. Robbery. Edward thought, if he robs Drugdealers, the chance to get caught is very small. No one from the dealers would indicate him, because it would be unusual for a dealer to talk to the police anyway.

Edward eventually moved to Ohio, seeking a better life…..

To be continued. Don’t miss out!


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