Ohio is about to execute my friend.


(Edward and his Daughter, above)

When I write to Edward, it’s as if we’ve known each other for years. He provided me with poetry that builds me up again when I’m sad. Edward is my friend. A different friend than most of you can imagine, because Edward is sitting on Death Row, awaiting his execution, for a crime, nobody was able to prove.

I would describe  Edward to be very warm hearted and loving. He always has an open ear for his fellow man. Other inmates see him as a role model, they told me, Edward would be like a father to them. Edward writes books, creates poetry and most importantly, he is fighting for his life. Fighting, to prove his innocence.

I did not think twice when Edward asked me through another Inmate, to contact him. I spent sleepless nights trying to work through his case, the trial and all the circumstances. At some point, there was only one conclusion. Edward is innocent. A court in Ohio condemned him to death, with no to little evidence.

Edward is accused of killing two people. Along with Antonio Walker, he had a plan to meet up with a well known drug dealer, and  rob him. But something went horribly wrong. Antonio Walker, shot those two people in the head and fled. Edward was there. He sat in the back seat. Antonio Walker blamed Edward, he cooperated with the police and negotiated a deal … 18 years, for the killing of two innocent people.


(Edwards Family and Friends, above)

Edward has two daughters, he would just like to see them grow up. Outside of prison walls. I have decided to help Edward, as best I can. Edward has no money, so he has to rely on help from the outside world. I will not let him down, I’ll help to spread his story!

Stay tuned for an exclusive Interview!


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