Edward Lang – Mental Inflation

“Suffering is what gives a man strength. Anyone can face ease and success with confidence. It is the way we face trouble and misfortune that defines us.”
The reality of the siutution is that there’s no hesitation in my feelings that’s deeply engulfed into the lives of those that I love, even if they only claim to love me, I would not be me if I did’nt disagree with the bullshitting that I receive which leads me to be deeply absorbed into Bullshitters animosity. It’s deep in me the pain that I hide unseen through my eyes that is blood red, masking all fear, as time moves near to the end of it all, too high to fall, but I sink deep as I rise, tumbling against the sky before I collide with the pavement becoming absorbed into the earth, for what it’s worth, I’m as dark as dirt, ignorance in the reverse, grafted as a result of building my mental capacity. I was born to rise above in the wee hours of a gloomy fall day, but I didn’t ask to be birth so you get me as I grow into different realms of understanding since you didn’t seem to get my point. It all started the day I manifested on this sphere, birth with no fear, daddy didn’t care, but I made it in such a fucked up world, the strength for two precious girls, their knight in shining armor, I am their strenght as they are mine, as they are mine the strength that I give is strength that I never received from mine, as they are mine I use their strength to overcome as I live with their love always on my mind, their love is always on my mind…..Every day that I awake I’m radiated by the beams of the sun, while seeking warmth I give and take to take and give less, but the more that I give the less that I take, its a constant battle that’s worth pricless amounts of time waisted in this earthly maze. Day by day as I age, rage explodes deep in my soul as I crave a better way for us as a people, said to be equals, but not near close in this sequel to involuntary servitude which leaves a leaderless youth eyes glued to the tube, with images and hues plunged deep in life as it rapes their mind time after time. The sight that’s hind is 20 by 20, so 40 shades of grey lives through a vision that’s blind, maybe because my presence and demeanor is so enormous due to my metamorphosis of my mentality due to the adversities that for 10 years stuck in the penitentiary rationalizing when I was a savage terrorizing my society that was deeply entrenched in poverty….You can’t overstand me so beneath me you’ll never rise above, I show no love if it’s not reciprocated and the love lost from disloyalty can never be recessitated, so it’s no need to fill my lungs with waistes air. I am the heir to a man that never cared and was never there so all that I fail to inherit don’t even equal near to stale air, but I am a king of my nestings place due to me being knowledgeable that my race was first place in existence to then create a mankind or a kind of man, a White man that was one of a kind, the kind of man that hated and despised the color of peoples skin because they were a greater kind, not this kind of man I’m talking about, but about my ancestors that first walked this land and was hunted like animals by these Vikings, Pligrams, and Aryan’s man! Do your history if you’re misled to believe that we were birth through monkeys that once swung from trees, I show you proof that we were Nubian Kings and Queens that manifested strength through genes, shit look at me, Malik Sincere is my legacy. That’s King Sincere, I know this because of I have knowledge of self so if knowledge is power and power keeps wealth protected, the knowledge of self that I have of my royal roots is not to be disrespected….. To be continued


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