What Makes Life Worth Living – The Fear Of Death



It’s not hard to get upset, when thinking about death. In fact, there are only a hand full of things you could think of, that have the potential to upset you more than death. And it is also not hard to understand why we get so upset about death. To lose everyone and everything  you have ever lived to give up the totallity of thoughts and feelings, songs and visions, moments and events. That is  your life for all of eternity? It  has to shake, even the coldest of souls. It’s the final chapter of everybodies book, the most inescapeable part, the unavoidable outcome.It’s a heartbreaking reality of an ending and it sets home for everyone. We don’t  know exeptions, and so we invent fairytales, we lie to ourselfes through our own teeth. We tell ourselfes and we tell our children, that death is an Illusion, that death doesn’t exist, because we dread it, because we can not bare to think about never being reunited with everything and everyone, that we are gonna lose. And so we paint a picture of a world in which we are imortal, but imortality comes at a price, in fact it comes at a rather expensive one.

Firstly we must sacrifice ever being liberated, from the shadows of your parents, or all the relatives, whom gave you advice?  How could you ever become the self that you are today? How could you ever flap your wings and fly free? This is a world in which we never leave the nest, and it’s the most unnatural creation imaginable. Secondly there comes the failiure to appreciate life. If you never die, you are never alive. You only know what you are, by comparing yourself, to what you know, that you are not. Death is the state of being, that by comparesing against you come to grasp the concept of life itself. It is all relative, if there was no such thing as darkness, there would be no such thing as light. If there is no such thing as cold, there would be no such thing as heat. If the world was only one temperature, the world would have seized to have temperature. If the world was only one Level of brightness, it would seized to have brightness.

When the dimension of the universe doesn’t flactuate,the dimension itself becomes to avoid of meaning, of evidence, of substance, of anything! And when we pretend, that death doesn’t exist, we don’t just do this to death, we do this to life! In fact it’s actually hard to try and imagine a reality in which we could live forever, because if you could never die, you could never be alive, it is that simple. However, we all understand this reasoning in every different field of knowledge among every different discourse, but when it comes to death we change the rules, but these rules is the reason why there is a sad beauty to the things we love to do the most and for the people whom we love the most. The transcence of our experiences and our relationships is what makes the magical the permanence of the present is what enchance it and makes it the miracoulos journey of consiousness what it is. Death is not lightning, death is liberating. Death is in fact the one and only thing, that makes life worth living…


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