Edward Lang — M.I.A

Why do we rationalise the things that we visualize and then we wonder why our lives and emotions are controlled by those who we despise, but then when we realize this effect we turn away with blind eyes and try to justify our own demise. Not only do we suffer in pain, we are psychologically dwelling in vain, looking for sunshine in this weather filled wit rain. But when our mind frame reflects it sends shock waves through our membranes causing us to go insane, so we search for love worshipping sexual desire all the while because kisses and hugs is never enough. Its never enough because we mistake love for loniness and shove true love further away from us. So time after time we dwell in our own mishaps wondering how to back track and reform the true feelings that we lack. It’s a recap of the same cycle when we are destined to be attacked by what we mistake as love and lust. We live around it, but it’s too far from our reach so we dream about it to satisfy our hunger for it cause we can’t live without it, so we constantly think about it which causes our tongue to lustfully talk about it, but when will we stand up and be about it?! I’m talking about love, a word with many meanings, phrases, and feelings that drives us to be confused at times when we crave it, but why when we have it we won’t save it?! I confessed my love not out of guilt, but out of pure passion, but yet since then your “love” has been missing in action, get back at me……


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