Mark Stroman – My Last Words.

My Last Words

Razor wire fence,
I’m held in suspense,
Surrounded by concrete and steel,
Held to surrender to their will.

Premeditated hate,
I await my fate,
And one day I will
Face an execution date.

Step off in a room,
I will feel the doom,
Strapped to a table,
Completely unable.

My last words will be heard,
I will speak them loud
And hold my head proud,
And then I’ll say:

An eye for an eye,
And a tooth for a tooth,
But I’m here to share –
To share the truth.

For this is what
It’s all about,
And I know this
Without a doubt.

An eye for an eye,
America will cry,
But I’m here to say
That that’s a lie.

For a rich man will walk,
And a poor man will die.
And that we can’t deny,
Nor can we justify.

Worst of the worst,
Maybe so,
For it’s a lawyer that
Put me on Death Row.

Assigned by the state
To determine my fate.

I was white trash,
Just another junkie.
That’s why they assigned me
A two-bit flunky.

And I knew
At first glance
That I didn’t stand
Any kind of chance.

Mark Stroman # 999409 Polunsky Unit Death Row
3872 FM 350 South Livingston, TX 77351

Executed July 20th 2011 at the Age of 42.



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