Who Would Fight For You?

If all you had to offer is friendship then who would be around? Real situations expose fake people so sometimes it takes getting down on life to find out who is actually really down for you. And sometimes it’s the ones you love the most that mostly want to see you fail. Just because they’re riding with you doesn’t mean they’re riding for you and that’s facts. You see loyalty shouldn’t depend on your presence it’s more about how they act behind your back. Who can you trust? Some of us are fighting for people that won’t even throw a punch for us and yet these are the ones we call friends. You know, the ones that care so much about your struggle but yet so silent when you win. The ones that bring gossip to you about you, but your name they never defend. Understand, everybody in your boat may not be rolling but drilling holes. Everybody in your circle may not be in your corner. Support doesn’t always come from familiar faces so don’t be surprised if God places strangers in your life to take you higher places. Don’t be surprised if your growth makes your circle smaller. You got two choices..Let it break you or let it make you. Make your dream even larger. Make your vision see further. There’s more to your path than where you’re currently at. Sometimes the best thing to add to your life is to not add to it, but to subtract from it. It’s not about the size of your circle, it’s about the loyalty that’s in it. Wake up! Everybody’s prayers for you ain’t to make it so do they really got love for you or do they just fake it. Do they really got love for you or do they just like to use you? To some you’re just an opportunity. That’s how these fake friends will do you. They present what you want then take what they need and when they can no longer benefit from your life, that’s when their loyalty leaves. So let me ask you this question again. If all you had to offer was friendship, who would you still be able to call your friend? Addition sometimes looks like subtraction but God never allows people to be removed from our life without a purpose. He goes before us and truly goes behind us watching our backs as well. There’s nothing like the discernment He gives to see who just isn’t for you. At the end of the day, the best news is He is for you and because of that you truly can’t lose.


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