Start Changing Your Life!

When I was 15 years old, a very important person came into my life and ask me who my hero was. I said, let me think about that, because i don’t know. Two weeks later, i met the same person and he asked me again, if i know who my hero is by now. I said, yes, the hero is me in 10 years.

Ten years later i met up with that person again, and he asked me if i became my hero. I said i was far away from becoming my hero, but I will be, when i am 35.

It is not going to be easy! It will in fact, be very difficult! You will find it difficult, to pick yourself up each day, believeing, that you can make your dreams come true, and you will doubt yourself. You will doubt everything what you have been working for. It is not going to be easy! But the only one who can stop you, is you!

So you see, every day, every week, every year of my life, my hero is always 10 years away, i am never gonna be my hero. I am not gonna obtain that, because I know I am not, but that thinking,  makes me somebody, who keeps on chasing…

If you wait for the perfect time, it is never going to happen! You have to create the perfect time yourself and it will Show you, that there is no Need in being perfect! All you have to do is to create your own opportunity and then every time is the right time!

Stop waiting for your dreams! Run towards your dreams, because the moment you stop running, the moment you stop fighting, is the day you will lose! Don’t wait for it! Continue to fight! Continue to chase , what you truly want out of your life! That dream is not gonna wait, that dream is not gonna say take a breathe in! It is gonna say: Come catch me!!! Catch me if you can!

Then all the doubters, the losers, the haters, they will come and join us! You gotta pass the bad people! These are the negative people! The people who failed at their dream, they wannatell you, that you can not obtain yours! Put your shoes on and go get what you want out of this life! Go and get what you left behind! It’ all on you! If you fail, it’s because you stopped running! If you fail, it’s because you stopped fighting! You stopped caring, you stopped working! You stopped working for that dream!

Your dream is a gift, that God left you! Don’t be that person, who forgets about opening your gift, because that gift, has everything you need in it!

If it’s your dream, catch it!


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