Edward Lang — Black Phoenix Rises

Still I rise from the ashes that was once my flesh, flesh that was disintegrated in an attempt to erase my legacy, but I’ve rise. again with new growth and determination to create a new destiny with a better conception of my reality. I soar into a new direction, I’ve overcame the darkest moments of my struggles, no longer confused about the pain inflicted. From the trials and tribulations of so much suffering I’ve nursed my wombs and overcame my down falls, no longer colliding with my demons while struggling to crawl, I’m desperately trying to keep my balance so that I don’t fail and be just another memory sketched on a wall. My life now has a meaning and purpose, my soul has a conscience, a mind filled with determination with many goals I’ve set to accomplish. My wings are stretched outwards to fly into altitudes unknown, I’m such a sight to see, a sovereign of my nestings thrown. From my beak I produce nourishment to the next generation that follows in my image, nourishment of substance so that they won’t be swollowed and devoured within these oppressive conditions, many awkward forms of living, poverty, corruption, and many foul forms of existing. I’m here to help soothe the pain and help influence their next decision. Some call it a God send, I consider it my responsibility because it takes a village to raise a child you see and pure fruit will blossom from the seeds that I’ve sewn… I’m just w Black Phoenix risen from the ashes of a corrupted soul.