Edward Lang — Manipulation

As I smoked on the earth and contemplated money
corruption knocked at the door
I let it in because I was hungry
hungry to taste something better than nothing.
Corruption spoke of envy
and greed was in his eyes
he spoke of drugs and money, but he spoke more of Clyde.
I listened and began to wonder
is it all worth the risk?
But who would turn down a “lick”
when money was the root of it!
With my .9mm we went and patently waited
and this is how my delimma escalated…
A demand was made, but stubborn ways resisted without fear
2 loud echoes is all one could really hear.
My hands are clean, I never pulled the trigger,
but I’m guilty as charged because I was labeled a gang member.
Murder in cold blood to earase what was done
but it wasn’t earased, the painting had just begun.
All this for what? A cell in Satan’s prison?!
This definitely wasn’t the type of life that I’d ever thought I’d envision
nightmares turned into reality
my soul is set ablaze
so I rot in prison waiting to escape this maze
guilty of many sins
but my sin isn’t murder
I’m guilty by association because of this corrupted ass verdict!!